File a Report

Students (includes graduate and medical students, post-docs, and residents)

Rutgers supports members of the university in their decision to find support or report any misconduct to the RUPD or Title IX Coordinators. If you are looking for confidential options to discuss the incident before making a decision to report, feel free to reach out to the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance located on your campus.

Non-confidential Title IX Coordinators are available to give students and other Rutgers members clear, transparent information about university policies and procedures for addressing sexual and relationship misconduct.

Report Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment

Faculty and Staff

The Office of Employment Equity (OEE) conducts investigations regarding discrimination and harassment, workplace violence, conscientious employee protection, and sexual misconduct. 

Sexual Misconduct

The Rutgers Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence, Stalking, and Related Misconduct by Employees and Third Parties [PDF] prohibits the following broad range of behaviors focused on sex and/or gender.

  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual violence
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Gender-based harassment
  • Stalking
  • Relationship violence

Report Sexual Misconduct

If you believe you are experiencing sexual misconduct, contact OEE, refer to the OEE Complaint Process, and complete a complaint form. For more information, please refer to the OEE resources supplement.


Melissa Ercolano, J.D.
Title IX Coordinator for Faculty/Staff (employees)
Director, Office of Employment Equity
University Human Resources
57 US Highway 1, ASB II
Phone: 848-932-3979